SteamPlus Hair Straightener


SteamPlus Hair Straightener Steam Iron

Our revolutionary hair styling tool for smoother, silkier hair, using high-pressure cold steam water ions to hydrate the entire length of hair for a shinier, healthier look. This professional Steam Straightener allows continuous steam to flow smoothly and efficiently through hair fibres, repairing them during styling.

The SteamPlus Hair Straightener is a simple and versatile titanium plate straightener that uses continuous steam pressure to leave hair feeling smooth and shiny. Straighteners like SteamPlus treat hair while you style it! For long-lasting, perfectly smooth and shiny hair that always looks its best with just one pass, it repairs and nourishes your hair, strengthening it with use and eliminating dryness. SteamPlus is suitable for all hair types, including sensitive and curly hair.


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From pin straight hairstyles to glamorous romantic waves, this product is designed to give you beautiful, straight and manageable hair.

Once you get your SteamPlus Hair Straightener, you’ll realize that it not only straightens the hair but can create curls, waves, and also crimp hair. You can achieve different trendy hairstyles for different events with just one tool. You can now try those layered waves and cute bangs you have been eyeing out on social media!

Styling your hair with your SteamPlus Hair Straightener doesn’t consume a lot of time. Whether you’re going for simple straightening, loose waves, or tight curls, SteamPlus has got you covered.

Once you begin styling your hair, you learn more about it. Most people associate hair straighteners with heat damage and burns. But that’s not always the case. It depends on how you use this tool. And, once you get a straightener, you will also be keen on ensuring your hair stays healthy. 

For you to achieve this, you will have to learn about your hair type and good hair care habits.

As the name suggests, a steam hair straightener is powered by steam. Regular hair straighteners use constant heat through their plates, while a steam straightener constantly releases steam to style the hair. Temperature control to adapt to the individual hair type. In order to distribute the heat evenly, most steam straighteners are equipped with high-quality plates, which also protect the hair optimally, look healthy, shiny and strong after using the SteamPlus hair straightener.



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